Friday, April 1, 2011

Planning: Another Way to Delay Action!

If you are a crazy planner like I am, or if you are thrilled by pictures of dirt, then this is the post for you!

In my zany hope to create a garden that thrives, I need to know what kind of sun/shade my backyard gets. And what follows are pictures taken throughout the day. (There is a lot of hard labor ahead of me, might I be procrastinating with all this planning?)

Here's my yard at 9am:

And here we are at 1:30pm:

And these last two were taken at 5pm:

So it appears that the whole yard gets roughly 6 hours of sun each day (the far side gets sun in the morning and the near side gets sun in the afternoon). In order to plant "full sun," I need 6+ hours of sun each day. Naturally, my yard is right on the cusp. Is Mother Nature trying to confuse me?

I guess a trip to the Natural Gardener is in order!

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