Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another Layout and Thoughts on Fabric

Welcome to the slightly new and improved floor plan!

JP had some concerns about having such a large sectional, especially against the wall on the right.

After taping the living room floor with the proposed furniture sizes, it turns out we do need a little more space -- it would have been awkwardly close between the tv console and the sectional with the old layout. Amazing what a little planning will teach you!

And below are some fabric swatches I'm considering. As you probably know (but was new to me), the top swatches are called ikat (ee-cat) fabrics. I'm thinking of using the grey ikat on the coffee table and the yellow to reupholster some chairs we've had for a few years. Details on that project to follow!

And I'd love to use a darker solid grey on the couch. The bottom swatch is a velvet called "otter," but my Uncle Al (who co-owns a furniture store) says that velvet doesn't really wear the best, especially with kids and pets. So that rules out that. Any chance there will be a pretty grey leather sectional out there?

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